Makita BO5031K Random Orbit Sander Review

Makita BO5031K Random Orbit Sander Review

Whether you need to strip old paint and varnish off of antique furniture for refinishing, or you are looking to get an ultra-smooth finish on your most recent woodworking project, a random orbit sander is the right tool for the job. Belt sanders are too unrefined for many stripping and refinishing tasks, and other sanders often require you to make the circular motion yourself, which is both tiring and hard on your hands. Fortunately, high end power tool manufacturer Makita has their BO5031K Random Orbit Sander to take on those tougher small scale sanding chores. Here’s a breakdown of why this is the best orbit sander for all your finishing and refinishing needs.

Makita BO5031K Random Orbit Sander

Why Do I Need This?

If you frequently have finish or refinishing jobs that require some power but require preserving the the material you are working with, a random orbit sander is the way to go. Random orbit sanders not only spin the abrasive pad in circles, but they also oscillate it up and down to make it easier to remove tough old varnish/paint or smooth out excess repair putty or glue.

Makita BO5031K Random Orbit Sander Features

3.0 Amp Motor

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to remove long cured finish or ancient crusty paint from something that you are attempting to restore to its former glory. While it can be a delicate process to refinish wooden cabinetry or furniture, sometimes you need a little extra horsepower to get the stubborn spots up, and the BO5031K definitely delivers with its powerful 3.0 amp motor. One problem with many orbit and fine detail sanders that comes up over and over again is the fact that all too often they lack the juice to really cut deep when you need them to, and Makita has made that a non-issue thanks to its beefier motor for the B05031K.

Variable Speed Control

Belt sanders are really good at taking finishes off of wood, metal, or plastic, but they are lousy at preserving what is underneath. Worse still, they generally have one speed: pain-shredding, varnish-erasing turbo. The BO5031K on the other hand has an easily adjustable speed control that lets you match the speed of its orbit and oscillation to the task at hand. If you want to rough up existing paint to add a fresh coat, there’s a setting for you. If you need to strip seventy-five year old varnish off a solid hickory cabinet, Makita has you covered there, too.

Through-Pad Dust Collector

Cleaning as you go is always a good idea for keeping a tidy shop, and Makita has designed their BO50315K with good shopkeeping in mind. With a through-the-pad intake for collecting dirt and debris into its dust bag, this random orbit sander means less dust in your eyes and all over your workspace. Best of all, both the speed control and onoff switch are dust sealed to make sure that your motor and other internal components stay clean and in good working order.

Easy-to-Swap Abrasive Pad System

One of the most irritating things about many detail sanders is that you have to swap out adhesive pads on a regular basis when the surface gets too worn down to be useful anymore. Worse still, if a pad doesn’t get seated correctly or vibrates loose, you usually have to strip off the whole thing and replace it. Makita’s design, however, uses a hook and loop system to make changing worn out pads both quick and easy, and without having to deal with a sticky mess.

Pad Control System

Generally, most craftsmen don’t want their sander to start off full throttle like a miniature jet engine turbine. To make this process easier, Makita built the BO5031K with a control system that keeps the pad from starting at full speed and preventing damage to the surface you are working on and the sander itself.


  • High power motor for heavy duty jobs
  • Variable speed control
  • Easy changing abrasive pads
  • Innovative through-pad dust collector


  • 5-inch diameter may not be suitable for larger jobs
  • Some jobs fall between speed variations
  • This sander is not cordless, which limits its versatility

Highlighted Features

  • 3.0 Amp Motor
  • Multi-speed control
  • Hook and Loop Abrasive Pads
  • Oversized bearings for extended tool life

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where is this product manufactured?

Q:What is the overall wattage?

Q:Can it operate on a 220V system?


When you need a versatile sander that can handle just about any fine or heavy duty small area sanding jobs you have to do, the Makita BO5031K is the best value for the money. It’s got all the features an experienced craftsmen requires with the conveniences of a sander designed for non-professionals. Get a Makita BO5031K, and know you are buying a high quality power tool that will give you years of reliable service.

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