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Best Sheet Sander - Guide and Reviews

If you’re in the market for one of the best sheet sanders on the market, you’re going to find that you might need some help figuring out which ones are best to fit your needs. Lucky for you, the following information is going to help make sure that you can find the best sheet sander with little to no effort. To begin, you’re going to find that we discuss some of the top things you need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right sheet sander. Furthermore, you’re going to find five reviews of some of the best products that you can buy on the market. With all of this information in mind, you should have no problem ensuring you buy the best sheet sander on the market that will help to meet all of your needs.

5 Best Sheet Sander




DEWALT D26441K 2.4-AMP Orbital 14-Sheet Sander


WEN 6313 Electric 13 Sheet Sander

WEN 6313 Electric 

14-Sheet Orbital Sander


Makita BO3710 Finishing Sander

Makita BO3710 Finishing Sander

PORTER-CABLE 380 14 Sheet Orbital Finish Palm Sander


Top 5 Best Sheet Sander Reviews

1. DEWALT D26441K 2.4-AMP Orbital 1/4-Sheet Sander

DEWALT D26441K 2.4-AMP Orbital 14-Sheet Sander

Editor Rating:

If you want to find the complete and total package when it comes to a sheet sander so that you don’t have to buy any other accesories or a carrying bag, this is the package you want to purchase. As with almost everything made by DEWALT, you’re going to find that all of the components and parts of this sander are made of high wuality material and it is incredibly easy for you to install and use on a daily basis. The product is manufcatured in Mexico as opposed to some of their products made in the USA but it is still one of the better made products you will find.

In terms of the specifications offered by this particular sander, you’re going to find that you enjoy a 2.4 amp motor that sands at an incredibly 14,000 opm so that you get a superior finish at all times when you use the sander. In addition, you’re going to enjoy the textured anti-slip top and body grip because not only is it comfortable, but it is also going to provide you with the ultimate control when you are using the sander for great results.


  • High quality material
  • 2.4 amp motor
  • 14,000 opm
  • Textured grip
  • Comfortable and great control


  • Vibrates a little too much

2. WEN 6313 Electric 1/3 Sheet Sander

WEN 6313 Electric 13 Sheet Sander

Editor Rating:

If you just want to find a solid sander without having to spend a ton of money, this is going to be one of the best options for you because it is easily the most affordable option you are going to find on this review post but it comes with the option to choose between a ⅓ sheet, ¼ sheet or a detail sander. 

This entire sander operation comes with a massive sanding sheet that provides you with a good area for you to use and cover a large area at a time. The bigger, the better so that you can get the most done in the quickest time.

In terms of the features that you will find with this particular sander, you’ll find it has a powerful 1.2 amp motor that provides 12,000 OPM so that it can handle just about any job you need it to. The lightweight designs helps reduce the fatigue and make it easier to bring it with you wherever you might need to do. Additionally, the dust collection bag helps to minimize the loose sawdust and the velcro base pad helps make it easy to remove and change the sandpaper whenever you need to.


  • 1.2 amp motor
  • 12,000 OPM
  • Lightweight design
  • Velcro base pad
  • Dust collection bag


  • Stops working occasionally

3. BLACK+DECKER BDEQS300 1/4-Sheet Orbital Sander

14-Sheet Orbital Sander

Editor Rating:

Similar to the other sanders that have been and will be reviewed on this review post, you’re going to find that this sander is backed by an incredible brand name in Black and Decker so you know you are getting a strong and durable sander to last throughout your entire project. Thanks to the design of the sander, it provides a 270 degree flush sanding clearance along with a tri-layer filtration to help make sure each and every dust particle is captured and won’t make your work area dusty or dirty.

The features of this sander are excellent as well because it comes with a soft grip paddle switch and it can easily be turned on and off when you are using the sander so you don’t have to reach to try and find the switch. The power of this motor is excellent at 2 amps of power along with 1600 orbits per minute. As mentioned earlier, the high-performance dust collection helps to provide a clean work surface.


  • 2 amp motor
  • 270 degree flush sanding clearance
  • Soft grip paddle switch
  • 1,600 orbits per minute


  • Dust collection system could be better

4. Makita BO3710 Finishing Sander

Makita BO3710 Finishing Sander

Editor Rating:

As we continue on with the sanders as we get towards the end of this review post, you’ll find one of the more expensive options on the list and it is backed by a great brand when it comes to power tools such as Makita. 

This particular product is classified as a finish sander and the best part about it is it is incredibly easy to use and comes with an ergonomic rubberized grip and handle that is specifically designed to give you a better fit and a more comfortable experience.

In order to get increased efficiency and a smoother finish, it spins at 11,000 OPM and has a built-in counterbalance system that is specifically designed to reduce the vibration. The large two-finger trigger switch is located in a convenient place so that you can easily reach it when it is in use and the trigger lock is great for continuous use. Last but not least, the dust collection system helps to make sure you have a clean work environment at all times.


  • Easy to use
  • 11,000 OPM
  • ​Ergonomic rubberized grip
  • ​Counterbalance system reduces vibration
  • Easy to reach switches


  • Parts could be stronger and better

5. PORTER-CABLE 380 1/4 Sheet Orbital Finish Palm Sander

PORTER-CABLE 380 14 Sheet Orbital Finish Palm Sander

Editor Rating:

Last but not least, this is the final product reviewed on this list and it is going to be a great option if you are looking to find one that is not too expensive and not too cheap but still packs in a ston of great features. This sander comes with a design that helps to reduce the fatigue of the user when they are using it and the sealed compartment keeps out the dust to help extend the life of the switch and sander as a whole. 

In terms of the power, you get a 2 amp motor that spins at 13,500 OPM to give you a superior finish.

Continuing on, you’re going to find that you’ll enjoy a dual plane, counter-balanced low-vibration design to limit the fatigue of the user. Additionally, you are going to find that the dust collection system on this unit will help to keep in all of the material you sand so that you don’t have to worry about dust and everything else ruining your workspace.


  • Reduces user fatigue
  • ​Dust-sealed switches
  • ​2 amp motor
  • ​13,500 OPM
  • ​Low-vibration design


  • Very loud

If you are in the market looking to buy one of the best sheet sanders you can currently find, this information is going to be of great use to you. Not only are you going to find that you know everything there is to know about the board so you can help make an informed decision, but you’re also going to find some of the top products reviewed above to make sure you know which sanders are the best. With all of this in mind, you can easily make an informed and well-thought out decision to buy the best sheet sander for your home.

How To Choose The Right Sheet Sander

Where It Will Be Used

One important consideration to keep in mind is where you will be using the sander because the place you plan on using it the most is going to play a pretty important consideration in which one you are going to buy. When it comes to a sheet sander, you’re going to find that there are a lot of different uses for it. You can use it in your home or in your shop and no matter what, it is going to be a great choice. You might need to adjust your preferences depending on where you will use it, so be sure to keep that in mind.


This is either going to be a very important consideration for some people and it won’t matter for other people so take this point for what it is worth. In the case of a sheet sander, you might find that you want to use it in one place of your home or workshop and if that’s the case, then the portability of the unit isn’t going to matter much. However, if you plan on bringing the sheet sander from place to place, portability is key. Try and find a unit that isn’t incredibly heavy or large but make sure it packs in enough features to get the job done still.


Safety is a really important consideration to keep in mind and it is often one of the more overlooked ones because many people don’t think about it. Luckily, manufacturers have become more strict with their safety standards so more and more sanders are safe enough to use. Be sure to pay attention to some of the safety features offered by the sander and make sure that it is approved and meets all standards of some of the top associations.


The power of a sander is especially important because the better the motor, the better it is going to perform. In general, you can assume that the more power you have in your sander, the easier it is going to be for you to remove the material you are sanding. In some situations, you might not want all of that power because it can ruin the surface, so make sure you either choose a lower power option or a variable speed option.

Dust Collection

The dust collection system on any sander is incredibly important for you to keep in mind because without it, you’re going to find that the sander will spew dust all over the place. While some dust collection system aren’t that great and will still let some dust slip through, literally anything is better than nothing. If you need to make sure that nothing slips through the filter, you can get a higher end dust collection system for some extra money.


If you are going to be using your sander for a long period of time, you need to make sure that you get a solid grip and it is easy for you to hold onto for the duration of the time you use the sander. The better the grip, the easier it will be for you to control and maneuver so keep that in mind. If you need to do some fine detailing on your material, choose a strong and comfortable grip that will be easy for you to hold for a long time.

Ease Of Changing

Over the course of your projects, chances are good that you’re going to need to use multiple different sandpaper grits and if it is difficult for you to change them out, you might not want to do it every time. You might not think it is important, but I can tell you that you really want to make sure the sandpaper is easy to change out.


Similar to the grip we discussed earlier, you can try and find something that has an ergonomic grip which will be beneficial for a lot of different reasons. First, it’s going to be a lot easier and more comfortable for you to hold but secondly, it will make sure your hand is in the right position to not cause damage to your hand.

Dust-Sealed Components

With dust flying around everywhere, you want to make sure that it won’t get into the components or switches on the sander or else it can greatly limit the potential of your sander. If you can find a sander with dust-sealed switches and components, I recommend doing so because it will help extend the life of your sander.

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