Best Drum Sander Reviews

5 Best Drum Sander Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to finding the best drum sander on the market, you’ll see that there is a lot of different things you need to consider and it can be overwhelming if you are not familiar with the buying process. Luckily for you, this guide and review post is going to provide you with everything you need in order to get the best possible drum sander. In this post, you’re first going to find all of the top things you need to consider so that you have no problem choosing the right drum sander. Additionally, you’ll find five reviews of the top product currently available on the market today. With all of this information, you can get one of the best drum sanders for you to meet all your needs with no problem.

5 Best Drum Sanders




JET 629004K 16-32 Plus 16-Inch 1-1/2-Horsepower Open Stand Drum Sander

JET 629004K

Jet 723520K JWDS-1632 16-32 Plus 20 Amp Service with 608003 Stand

Jet 723520K JWDS-1632 

SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander

SuperMax 19-38 

JET 628900 Mini 10-Inch 1-Horsepower Benchtop Drum Sander, 115-Volt 1-Phase

JET 628900 Mini

Grizzly G0449 Drum Sander 10-HP Single-Phase

Grizzly G0449

Top 5 Best Drum Sander Reviews

1. JET 629004K 16-32 Plus 16-Inch 1-1/2-Horsepower Open Stand Drum Sander

JET 629004K 16-32 Plus 16-Inch 1-1/2-Horsepower Open Stand Drum Sander

Editor Rating:

When you take a look at all of the different products we are going to review in this post, you’ll find that drum sanders by Jet are one of the most popular on the list and they make some really great drum sanders for a lot of reasons. When it comes to this particular sander and stand, you’ll enjoy a motor that delivers 1.5 horsepower and it has the ability to sand material that is up to 32 inches wide, which is more than enough in the majority of situations that you will use the drum sander.

In addition to the features talked about above, you’re going to enjoy an aluminum self-cooling drum so that you never have to worry about the unit overheating for continuous use. With your purchase, you’re going to get the sander, stands, a box of abrasive and one TufTool. Plus, you'll get a five-year warranty to keep yourself protected in case anything happens to go wrong with the product.


  • 1.5 horsepower
  • Sands material up to 32 inches wide
  • Self cooling drum
  • Aluminum
  • Five-year warranty


  • Swapping belts is a pain
  • Tracking problems

2. Jet 723520K JWDS-1632 16-32 Plus 20 Amp Service with 608003 Stand

Jet 723520K JWDS-1632 16-32 Plus 20 Amp Service with 608003 Stand

Editor Rating:

Similar to the first one that you have seen in this review post, this is another product made by Jet and this is one of the higher end models that you are going to find, which means it is one of the better options when it comes to using the different features it has to offer. The sandsmart control helps to continuously monitor the load on the drum motor and it will automatically regulate the speed on the motor so that you constantly get the highest feed rate possible without running the risk of an overload. The conveyor bed parallelism is also easily adjusted by turning the dial on the outside of the bed without any tools needed.

The parallelism adjust dial is another great feature because it features a stop that can quickly return the conveyor belt to a flat position. Additionally, the dust hood on this sander has an integrated channel that works to mirror the shape of the drum so that all of the chips and sut from sanding go right into that collection port. Last but not least, the precision-machined and balanced aluminum drum is specifically designed to dissipate heat and protect the entire work surface.


  • Load is continuously monitored for proper feed rate
  • No tools required for conveyor bed
  • Dust hood gets all chips and dust
  • Aluminum drum dissipates heat


  • On the expensive side
  • Have to turn on sanding drum and feed motor separately

3. SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander

SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander

Editor Rating:

This is one of the few products on this list not made by JET but it still packs in a ton of great features so that you can easily sand whatever you need to sand at one of the better values when it comes to the price of the product. With this sander from SuperMax, you can easily enjoy an easy experience because it already comes with the drum pre-wrapped in 80 grit sandpaper. Additionally, it features simple alignment where just one nut is all that needs to be turned in order to align it.

Furthermore, the easy height adjustment is a great feature because it allows you to easily adjust it since there’s no backlash or slop in the height adjustment mechanism for a smooth experience at all times. You’re also going to find that this drum sander features Intellisand technology which will automatically adjusts the conveyor speed depending on the load and stock you are using. Last but not least, the extra-wide conveyor helps to properly support stock that can be all the way up to 19 inches wide.


  • Pre-wrapped with 80 grit sandpaper
  • Simple alignment
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Intellisand technology
  • Extra-wide conveyor


  • Could use more power
  • Tough to use

4. JET 628900 Mini 10-Inch 1-Horsepower Benchtop Drum Sander, 115-Volt 1-Phase

JET 628900 Mini 10-Inch 1-Horsepower Benchtop Drum Sander, 115-Volt 1-Phase

Editor Rating:

If you liked the other JET products that we have talked about before and you want to find one made by them at one of the lesser price points, this might be one of the best choices for you. It comes with a one horsepower motor that provides more than enough power to remove all stock as fast as possible. Additionally, you’re going to enjoy the four inch dust port that makes for easy dust collection at all times.

The large hand wheel make it simple for you to easily adjust the drum sander in just about any situation which can be great to help give you the perfect results. In addition, it comes with a 20 inch wide capacity so that you can quickly and easily sand larger surfaces with ease. Last but not least, you’re going to enjoy the quick paper change so that you have a lot less downtime and more productivity when you are working.


  • One horsepower motor
  • Four-inch dust port
  • Large hand wheel
  • 20 inch capacity
  • Quick paper change


  • Parts could be better
  • Cheap construction

5. Grizzly G0449 Drum Sander 10-HP Single-Phase

Grizzly G0449 Drum Sander 10-HP Single-Phase

Editor Rating:

If you want to find the best of the best and money's no object for you, then this is going to be one of the best units that you can find because it truly is one of the most expensive and advanced sanders you will find on this post and it is the perfect choice for any heavy-duty, commercial use. With this, you’re going to be able to sand stock up to 36.5 inches wide and four inches thick and it comes with variable speed control along with the economy of wrapped six-inch wide sandpaper rolls.

This particular sander is built for production environments and they come with the parts to help make sure it lasts at all times thanks to the industrial quality conveyor belts and dual six-inch sanding drums. Additionally, you’re getting a four-port dust scoop that helps to maximize the total dust collection you experience. Additionally, you have easy access to the sanding drums emergency stop in case of an emergency.


  • 36.5 inch wide
  • Four inch thick
  • Industrial quality conveyor belts
  • Four-port dust scoops
  • Dual six-inch sanding drums


  • Very expensive

When it comes to buying the best drum sander, there are a lot of different things you need to keep in mind and this review post is going to ensure that you don’t forget any of those things when you make that decision. To begin with, you’re going to be able to look back and find all of the important things you need to keep in mind and consider when you go to make your purchase. Additionally, you’ll find that there are five product recommendations above for those that want to find some of the better products you will find on the market today. With all of this information, you’re going to have no problem picking out one of the best drum sanders on the market that will meet all of your needs.

How To Choose The Right Drum Sander


The quality of the drum sander you choose to buy is going to be one of the most important considerations for a lot of reasons. If you can buy a durable sander made from an alloy, it is going to go much further in paying back your investment compared to investing in a drum sander made in a lesser and cheaper material overall. My personal recommendation would be to always make sure you are buying from a distributor with a good reputation and make sure the manufacturer of your saw is widely recognized in the industry.


This particular point is a little similar to the quality that was talked about above but the durability is important enough to get its own point. For the durability of the sander, you really want to read some customer reviews or any sort of review from individuals that have used the product and know way more about it than you probably do. This helps to ensure that you get accurate information about how durable it is. The better the reviews and the more the customers talk about it, the better chance you have of getting a durable sander.


If you don’t already know, the recumbent part found at the lowest part of the tool is the platen. If you go with a better quality tool overall, you’ll find that the platen is well constructed so that it can withstand all of the vibration and friction that it goes through on a daily basis with normal operation. In a perfect world, you should look for a platen that is about one inch wider than the actual drum.


Excessive vibration for a sander is never a good thing for a lot of reasons but the main reason has to do with the fact that if it vibrates too much, it will leave marks on whatever material you are trying to sand. Additionally, excessive vibration on all types of sanders can lead to injuries or future complications. The lighter the drum sander you buy, the less vibration you are going to experience but that isn’t always the case. Some of the more powerful drum sanders actually come with an anti-vibration designs that make the whole experience much easier and safer for the user.


While a lot of sanders can run at really loud noise levels, you’re going to find that a lot of drum sanders work at levels of noise that can be really quite distracting. Luckily, there have been big changes in the technology we have and the noise reduction helps to eliminate the harm to your ears. Make sure the noise level of your drum works at no more than a noise level of 95 decibels or it could be damaging to your ears. The best drum sander that you can find is going to come with the latest technology when it comes to noise reductions features.

Dust Collection

It should come as no surprise to you or just about anyone who has ever used some type of sander, but the dust created by the sander can be really messy. All of the better units come with some kind of a dust collection system that will reduce or completely eliminate the dust from the operation as a whole. Not only is the dust collection system going to help the machine run considerably safer and cleaner, but it’s also going to keep the user free from sand debris as well. Lastly, you could find a drum sanders that has a detachable vacuum system to make it run a lot more effectively.


If you’re looking to find one of the better drum sanders on the market, then you should really look for a drum sander that comes with variable speeds to give the operator total control over the speed. This is one of the more important features because it allows it to be used for plenty of different uses. Some of the jobs you are going to need a slower sander and some other jobs you will need the faster sander speeds. Speed is just as important as the power and it’s nice to have full control over it.

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